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About me

About me

Catherine Alvarez

'Go where you feel the most alive'

Catherine Alvarez was born in Chile, has traveled different countries and corners of the world, and currently resides in the Netherlands.

She studied Graphic Design at DUOC UC in ConcepciĆ³n of Chile, after graduating she worked for some companies and later started her own Design company.

She started drawing and painting from an early age and always excelled in creativity, drawing, painting, design and communication. She has a talent that she has enhanced and complemented in each trip and experience, living history, art and culture; and expanding her creative horizons.

Over time she began to explore not only digital art, oil and watercolor, but also acrylic, colored pencil and other mixed media; unfortunately a large part of her works was lost in the last earthquake in Chile.

Catherine Alvarez is known for her eye for detail, creative mind, and continual exploration of composition, form, texture, and emotion.

Thank you and welcome to her website a window of stories, beauty, subjectivity, art and expression.

For the love of Art

Catherine Alvarez

Love to paint is an exhilarating dance of colors on canvas, where emotions flow through every brushstroke. It’s a boundless journey, where imagination intertwines with reality, giving life to vivid visions. Each stroke is an intimate expression, capturing the essence of the artist’s soul. The canvas becomes a portal to an enchanted realm, where time fades away, and passion becomes the palette that paints the world with endless beauty.


If I can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me

For the love of travelling

Catherine Alvarez

To love to travel is to embrace boundless exploration, where the allure of new horizons beckons our souls. It’s an insatiable curiosity, pushing us to immerse in diverse cultures and unravel the tapestry of our world. With each adventure, we enrich our spirits, gaining memories that time cannot fade. For in the embrace of wanderlust, we have nothing to lose and a world to see.